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RUNTZ - Blue Dream D8 510 Cartridge


Runtz is at it again in the cannabinoid industry with these incredible delta 8 510 cartridges. Runtz continues to be the leader in the cannabis space and is quickly growing in popularity in the delta 8 thc space. Each one gram 510 cartridge contains 1000mg of delta 8 thc distillate oil blended with organic proprietary terpenes. Currently there are 4 terpene flavor strains to choose from.

Runtz Delta 8 510 Cartridge Strain

  • Blue Dream
  • Runtz Delta 8 510 Cartridge Product Info
  • USA Hemp Derived Delta 8 THC
  • 1 Gram 510 Cartridge
  • Organic Terpene profiles
  • 4 Great Strains to Choose From