Cannaleaf Pens

Customizable CL PEN Wraps

Complete 5 Pack (All Styles Included)

Personalize your CL Pen with these luxury skins exclusively found here! The Pattern and wrap is crafted to perfectly to fit your CL Pen vaporizer so you can show off your style anywhere you go.

Unique, thoughtfully crafted combinations to help switch styles anytime and anywhere that leaves no sticky residue and easily applied. Great for those looking to make a statement and standout from the normal that doesn't tell a story about yourself and your style! Be a trend setter!

  • Made with removable 3M printed vinyl High-resolution full-color printing. Highly durable and resistant to scratching, e-liquid, heat and condensate
  • bubble-free installation and goo-free removal and no residue! No sticky residue left behind after sticker removal

To Apply:

1) Clean the surface of the CL Pen
 2) Line up the small circle hole on the decal with the indicator hole on the CL Pen
 3) Slowly apply the decal around the CL Pen
 4) Press firmly to make everything is down on the decal
5) Should be all done