October 21, 2018

Success At a Glance

Career: head chef at a busy restaurant in Chi-Town
Issues: sleep insomnia and shoulder pain
How long has it been happening? over 10 years now
How do you feel today using CBD? pain is manageable to the point I can even play my trumpet again and I’m dreaming sounded every night

What’s Happening? 10 years ago I fell off a roof. Yes, it was as dumb as it sounds. I slide on some leaves straight down and off the roof like Tim Allen in a Christmas movie. I landed on my left shoulder and ever since then my shoulder has been tweaked. I sprained my collar bone too. I am a chef so I need to be able to stir constantly and move for anywhere from 8 to 12 hours a day.

The pain starts as a light burning sensation then becomes a full-fledged ache. Because I this I can not sleep a lot of nights.

What Have You Tired? I’ve tried everything from weed to opioids. Weed does help, but I live in Texas where cannabis is still illegal. I was put in the back of a cop car and had to go to court over a joint once and when I became a dad, illegal is no longer an option so I went to the docs. The opioids were terrible. Painkillers are no joke and they will mess you up. I just could not keep up physically when I was on them and I felt like Kanye on TMZ. Like...yeah, the pain is gone but I can’t focus or be present with my kids on this doctor prescribed meds. I even tried some hippy sh*t hot healing yoga that was $50 a class for 6 months. Nothing.

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Why Cannaleaf CBD?

Almost a year ago I was out on a dock fishing with my dad when his best friend was getting after it. Just catching fish after fish. I couldn’t believe this old man was able to do that. He was in a car crash a few years ago and hurt his foot. He used to use a cane so finally, I said, “Jeff, what are you doing?” He handed me a sleek looking pen and laughed. He swears he gets a bit high each time, but I NEVER feel any sort of high which is what I wanted.

Real Hemp CBD. Real Results.

The first few days I felt something, but it wasn’t a miracle like some people hype it to be.  It took about a week of using it every day before I really noticed a difference in my pain AND my sleep pattern. And when I did notice it came on strong. 

I can even play trumpet at church again. 

Any Unexpected Side-Effects: Yeah man, I have so much more energy. I wasn’t expecting that, but my kids love it. I just am happier now. I didn’t realize how much of my life the pain was sucking from me.

Dan's Hemp CBD Routine:

    • I take 2 puffs of Strawberry Lemonade vape pen in the afternoons right before work and another 2 every break during my shift.
    • If I need it I’ll use another puff during my shift, but most nights I’m good.
    • After work when I’m trying to come down from everything that’s happened so I take a few more puffs.